About Us



fawn (fôn)

1. A young deer

Hey Deers!

    We are the creative team from Deer and Den Design!

    Through the depths of our imagination, we illustrate our fun loving characters and craft them into whimsical Vinyl Stickers (Vin-kers)!

      These little Vin-kers of art are hand crafted together meticulously.

      Made from high quality vinyl that is made to last, come rain or shine.

      All products on this site are designed and made in-house locally on Sunny Island Singapore.

      We hope to bring you stunning designs with fantastic quality topped with our awesome service!


      Yours Truly,

      Fawn Products Team


      When we are not crafting vinyl stickers, we are busy crafting epoxy resin and wood!

      Check out our epoxy resin wood works on woodinden.com