From the very first time we saw how our work brought smiles and laughter, we were hooked. Seeing the joy on people's faces made us happy too. As simple as it may be, bringing happiness to others became our main motivation. Happiness is contagious and knowing our work could spread joy makes it even more worthwhile. That is what Fawn Products is about.

We participated in our first Art Market in 2015. With only 1 series of vinyl stickers for sale, we were anxious and worried that no one might like our quirky style. Boy oh boy were we in for a surprise. Chermaine drew a series of whacky looking black cats and the rest is history.

"It's so funny looking! It looks so stupid but I like it, Why is the cat like this? But I love it!" These were the first comments for our vinyl stickers and it was a sold out!

Every comment, every like, every tag, every purchase, every little bit of encouragement keeps our passion alive.

Till date, we have more than 100 vinyl sticker designs and we are not stopping.

To all our supporters and friends, thank you for all the support and love.

We are grateful and thankful for having you on this journey.

With lots of love,

The Fawn Team

Customer's Photos

t-rex barista cup credits @sammkoh

Photo Credit: @sammko

corgi door credits @lizzaeh

Photo credit: @lizzaeh

car vinyl sticker credits @ndrew.lau

Photo credit: @ndrew.lau

lunchbox vinyl sticker credits @lin_fenru

Photo credit: @lin_fenru

Photo Credit: @ebicorn



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